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That is, unless you like losing hours to mindless scrolling + abandoning your health goals + waking up groggy so you can repeat the cycle all over again….no?


You dream of a life full of purpose + joy.

But sometimes it feels like you work endlessly for the wellbeing of others while you run ragged, barely able to hold on until you collapse into bed. Never having the time or energy to do the other things you enjoy.

You want a formula. Something to help you keep doing the work you love without such dramatic shifts in your motivation, passion, and personal health.

Behold, the formula:



MISSION = your people-centered work. Be it education, Church ministry, health care, motherhood, human services, your very own business, etc.

SPACE = mental, emotional, and physical breathing room to explore + expand in ways both related and unrelated to your work.


WHOLENESS = “comprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception;” You + all your potential working together to both enjoy life + do good work.

Wellness is “a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”

Now I know you want this to be a simple plug-n-chug equation like my favorite ones back in Algebra. But this is human life we’re talking about, so it’s just not that simple. And just as I had to lean on Whitney and Jeff to come through AP Physics alive, so must you learn to lean on others.

I hope you come to find you can lean on me. I’m like Sam when Frodo tries to get him to stay on shore. It’s my own mission to keep people like you sane + thriving as you pour out yourself for others.

Here at alisanelson.co you’ll find resources [of the researched + thoroughly nerdy variety yet still entertaining + practical] to help you produce more wholeness in your life by focusing on how to effectively manipulate those essential reactants.



If you’re ready to get started, I’ve curated a few favorites from the archives below. If you’d rather start with hearing more about me (read: what gives me the audacity to call myself Sam Gamgee) that button was made just for you.

Start building self-awareness around your current habits

Build self-awareness + stay focused on your goals with these 4 sign posts throughout your work day. Setting sign posts throughout the day as reminders to let those thoughts (and their accompanying emotions) go will help you focus on your why and keep you from wasting emotional and mental energy throughout the day.
Self-awareness and mindfulness are more than just feel-good. They change your brain + the way you respond in the moment to setbacks and uncertainty. Read on for 5 benefits of cultivating self-awareness in your personal + business life. More at: http://alisanelson.co
Vulnerability is a skill. Brene Brown tells us it's essential to the creative process but what do you do when that "process" leaves you feeling awful? Seeing yourself as you are - someone who always has room to grow - requires remembering these three things. You got this, girlboss. More at: http://alisanelson.co

Establish effective new habits for sustainable performance

Self-doubt gets a bad rap. But you're the boss of your brain so you get to decide -- will self-doubt crush you? Or will you put in the effort to turn it into an asset? Creatives, bloggers, and business owners rely on creativity + productivity to make a living - unchecked self-doubt derails both. So read on and download the free cheat sheet so you can get started using your self-doubt to your advantage. More at http://alisanelson.co
Is your lack of consistency hurting your ability to grow + thrive in business? It takes more than discipline - you have to look at the way you THINK about your business + your life. Here are 4 common mindsets that could be killing your consistency plus tips for how to deal. Amp up your creativity + productivity through greater self-awareness and an action plan using the FREE WORKBOOK. More at http://alisanelson.co
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Develop better methods so you stop getting lost, stuck, or confused

Are you “solving” problems by short cutting? I get it, it saves time and solving problems can be painful. But if you’re always stepping around a problem instead of getting to the heart of the issue, you risk the survival of your business and your ability to be creative + productive. Instead, use the numerous problems that arise while running a business to learn and you’ll set yourself up for success in the long-term. Check out these 4 steps for problem solving like a pro. More at http://alisanelson.co.
Do you find yourself on social media whenever you start to drift in your focus? Here we're using the science of human behavior to understand WHY it happens even when you know you shouldn't. Plus download a free workbook and start building new habits that will boost your creativity + productivity. Social media doesn't have to be the bad guy. Regain your focus and your drive. More at http://alisanelson.co/blog
Tired of every business question leading to hours of unproductive research (and youtube videos?) Here are 12 tips for maintaining focus and beating procrastination while solving problems like a boss. Plus a bonus template for important “before you google” work to ensure your learning is effective and relevant to your biz.

Balance your life even in the midst of pouring out

You might think that in order to be more productive you must spend more hours at your desk but in reality there's a better way. Read on for a natural, everyday method for boosting your productivity. More at: http://alisanelson.co
We all know we need self-care but what actions with actually help you refuel + refocus? Here are 15 super-easy to implement ideas for the creative entrepreneur. More at http://alisanelson.co

Serving people invites a lot of stress into your life. But this is a good kind of stress, I promise. The kind that invites you to do more than just survive – it invites you to grow! To be resilient and brave. To be wholly human.

I’m honored that you’ve spent this time with me.

I hope these resources are helpful to you. If you have specific questions or just want to talk wellness + performance, you can fill out of the contact form or email me directly: alisa@alisanelson.co

You can also find me on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Until then, keep going.


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