Fitness coaching for women who have a lot of other sh*t to do.

Do you find yourself, year-after-year, feeling guilty you didn’t devote more time to exercise? Do you set the goal, make the plan, then find life just keeps getting in the way of progress?
Kids, school, jobs — all obligations we love but take a lot out of us — these are the makings of a full life. But your fitness doesn’t have to be sacrificed.
Coming soon: 1:1 coaching through my signature EMP method
There is a way through the all-or-nothing, fitness-or debacle. You don’t need hours in the gym or confusing meal plans. You don’t need cutesy mommy&me workouts. You need a way to get to know your body & its capabilities. You need to know the switches you control over your energy state. You need habits that will keep you healthy well into the future.
You’re a busy woman. And within you is the ability to influence the world. Shouldn’t your fitness reflect that power?
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Hi, I’m Alisa Nelson, PhD student, wife, mom, and coach

Some places I’ve been:

  • I earned my BS in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2011.
  • I was an in-person personal trainer from 2013-2016
  • I’m now studying Bioinformatics & Computational Biology at the University of Minnesota because I plan to build apps within the health & wellness industry.
  • My research focuses on metabolic disease, liver metabolism, and exercise.


  • Eric and I have been married since 2011. We’ve started businesses, we dig technology, we kinda like hanging out together, and we each got a mini-me out of the deal.
  • I stop and stare at any and all wild life thanks to National Geographic, BBC, and the Wild Kratts.
  • There are few movies I will watch over and over again these days. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is one of them.
  • I’ll add Kerrygold butter to pretty much anything.
  • I’m a strong 3w4 and IN(T/F)J. Basically I daydream about how it would feel to conquer the world and make a lot of lists.
  • We’re a wrestling family – Eric coaches, Frey and Arthur wrestle. I design strength & conditioning workouts for them. Frey will most certainly be a part of making girls wrestling a sanctioned sport in Minnesota.
  • I stayed home with my kids (while training clients in our home gym) 2012-2018 when I moved to FT lab + grad school.

Do we have something in common? I’d love to hear about it.

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