Hi, I’m Alisa Nelson – Mom, Minnesotan, Entrepreneur’s Wife, Scientist, Strength Enthusiast.


My husband and I have spent the last 5 years slogging through the start up business muck. Starting a business and a family at the same time led us to seek a lot of personal growth and upend the paradigms that were proving inaccurate.


Motherhood opened my mind + heart to questions about the world my children will inherit (and my capacity to guide them along the way). So I set to work learning as much as I could about human development, high performance principles, habit formation, the effects of stress on our behavior, mindfulness, self care, nutrition, movement mechanics, etc. I’ve worked to break out of survival mode so I can focus more energy on the stuff that matters most to me.


A personal principle that I aim to exercise as often as possible is generosity. I’m seeking to maintain this blog so I can share the journey and the outcomes of my efforts with others who are also pursuing improvement + wellness in their everyday lives.

These posts are simply where my thinking has brought me so far. I share to provide resources to those on their own journey and to document our life as we show up fully + do our part in the world.


While some of my learning is highly specific to my pursuit of a PhD in molecular biology, I’m also:

  • a wife + mom seeking to provide a good environment for my family as we learn, grow, work, and rest together.
  • an athlete seeking ways to push my body + mind for the goal of being as fit as I can within my current constraints (I subscribe to the Crossfit approach to defining “fitness”). I make an effort to know my body + its signals, which helps me optimize my performance in and out of the gym.
  • an aspiring homesteader cooking 90-95% of our meals at home (active on Pinterest but also making my own recipes as I experiment), developing my gardening skills, and always looking for ways to increase the quality of what we produce + consume.
  • a woman who has struggled with mental health issues since the 6th grade – I’m seeking to better understand my body + mind across scientific domains so I can cultivate habits that bring mental clarity, energy, self-awareness, emotional balance, etc.

If you search through here you will see the remnants of posts targeted toward creative business owners from the days of toying with the idea of starting an online coaching business. I’ve decided to leave them up because they still contain useful information whether you run a business or a household + they are part of my story.


Want to get started on your journey to better wellbeing and boosted performance?

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Wanna know more?

Some places I’ve been:

  • BS in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota – where my journey of studying the effects of stress on the body began.
  • Hope Community Church intern — where I first began to piece together how the science I loved could benefit real human lives.
  • Personal trainer – where I dove into human performance + holistic wellness.
  • Wife and stay-at-home mom of two tiny people – where I experience and study (and guide) human development at its….messiest.


  • I married my best friend after 3 months of dating + 4 months of engagement. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • I’m gearing up to pursue my PhD in molecular biology in Fall 2018.
  • I’ve become mildly obsessed with identifying the birds in our neighborhood. I blame my 4 year old. Homeschooling my kids is like getting to do-over as I re-build my curiosity and practice saying “I don’t know yet” every single day.
  • I like my coffee + chocolate dark, my wine dry, and my books nonfiction.
  • There are few movies I will watch over and over again these days. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is one of them.
  • I’ll add Kerrygold butter to pretty much anything.

Do we have something in common? I’d love to hear about it.

Here are some hand-picked posts to give you a taste of my style:

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Finally, here are a few oldies that have been favorites of my readers:

Self-awareness and mindfulness are more than just feel-good. They change your brain + the way you respond in the moment to setbacks and uncertainty. Read on for 5 benefits of cultivating self-awareness in your personal + business life. More at: http://alisanelson.co
Self-doubt gets a bad rap. But you're the boss of your brain so you get to decide -- will self-doubt crush you? Or will you put in the effort to turn it into an asset? Creatives, bloggers, and business owners rely on creativity + productivity to make a living - unchecked self-doubt derails both. So read on and download the free cheat sheet so you can get started using your self-doubt to your advantage. More at http://alisanelson.co

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