Hi, I’m Alisa Nelson – Nerd, Mom, Minnesotan, and Self-care advocate.
I’m obsessed with stress + how to handle it. So I write about it here – at the intersection of brain science and real human life – in order to help more women build habits toward sustainable wellness, no matter their calling.

My husband and I have spent our 5+ years of marriage slogging through the start up business muck. And it has become clear to me that the only way for consistent performance is through a commitment to regular + intentional self-care. So you see, wellness and performance go hand-in-hand.

Some places I’ve been:

  • BS in Biochemistry from the University of Minnesota – where my journey of studying the effects of stress on the body began.
  • Hope Community Church intern — where I first began to piece together how the science I loved could benefit real human lives.
  • Personal trainer – where I dove into human performance + holistic wellness.
  • Wife and stay-at-home mom of two tiny people – where I experience and study (and guide) human development at its….messiest.

Want to get started on your journey to better wellbeing and boosted performance?

alisa nelson family

Wanna know more?

  • I’ve been a nerd as long as I can remember
  • Nothing brings me to tears faster than a human living a passionately brave life
  • Fun for me = being outside in my garden, with a soccer ball, or reading a book
  • I’m a recovering perfectionist and here in the trenches with you finding what wellness looks like in my own context

I’d love to hear your story and talk about how we can work together.


I would love to hear more about you and what you're working on. You can fill out the form below or contact me directly at alisa@alisanelson.co


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