Mindfulness and Cognitive Science

4 ways to improve your focus throughout the day

Which seems better to you: create your to-do list and business projects based on what you see other businesses doing OR who you are and what your big picture vision is for your business?


Good nutrition coaches know that to help their clients change their eating habits, they first need to gain awareness of their body. Rather than giving a bunch of new rules to be blindly followed, they slowly help the client take notice of the sensations they experience when they are hungry or full. This method gives the power over the the client because it teaches them how to get to know themselves. Then, once they are tuned in to themselves, they can much more easily start to apply good nutrition principles in their own context. Self-awareness is a powerful tool for building confidence in a person’s own decision-making.


Similarly, in business, it’s easy to slip into the grind and stop paying attention to where your time is going or what goals you are moving toward.